Clergy past and present

Since St John’s was built in 1874, many clergy have served the parish in both formal and informal ways. Clergy who have been licensed to the parish can be seen below. This information has been taken from the Vicars board in church, and the Crockford directory.

18741891VicarH.T. Waters
18911900VicarSomerset Corry Lowry
19011911VicarH.E. Betts
19121918VicarF.W. Drewe
19181935VicarH.S. Gilbert
19351942VicarC.L. Holthouse
19421943VicarAlfred James Potter
19431959VicarR.M. Ware
19591967VicarDonald Cecil Gray
19631965CurateVernon Leslie North
19651967CurateRichard Renwick Maxwell
19671984VicarIan Christopher Stuart Fenton
19701970CurateTrevor Lawrence Holme Twentyman
19711975CurateAnthony Charles Collier
19851990VicarRichard William Woodger
19912000VicarWarren Charles Frederick
20012005Priest in ChargeCaroline Anne Corry
20052010VicarCaroline Anne Corry
20052008CurateAndrew Mark James Haviland
20082010CurateNoelle Elizabeth Coe
20112018VicarStuart Keith Tanswell

Additionally, of course there have been many other clergy who have served St John’s while not being officially licensed to the parish – most recently, Leah Kearns who retired to the parish in the late 1990s and served faithfully until her death in 2015.