Memorial Plaques


By law, the Garden of Remembrance cannot have fixed memorials in place on the ground itself – otherwise it would be categorised as a churchyard. So we provide the Memorial Steps instead.

The steps are situated at the eastern end of the church and separate the upper half of the garden from the lower half. The steps themselves provide a place for people to leave flowers and other remembrances of a temporary nature. On either side of the steps is the Memorial Wall on which permanent plaques may be fixed.

The plaques are about 75mm (3 inches) square and are fixed to the wall with brass screws and will remain in perpetuity. The text on the plaques is laid out as shown in the figures below.

You have a choice as to where your plaque is fixed. The photograph above shows the steps as seen from the Lower Garden with the east side wall on the left and the west side wall on the right, closest to the church. The plaque may be fixed on either of the two walls facing the Lower Garden or, on the other side, facing the Upper Garden.

A form can be downloaded here.

To enquire, please contact the Parish Office on 01306-868441 or email