Adult Baptism and Confirmation

In addition to the questions addressed here, you might like to see what the Church of England web site has to say about Baptism and Confirmation.

What is Adult Baptism?

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t been baptised, you are in good company! Nowadays many adults were not baptised (or christened – same thing) in infancy, and would like to consider it now to signify their adult belief in the Christian faith. Whereas babies/young children have their parents’ and godparents’ acting on their behalf, once you are old enough to understand the Christian faith, you can make the promises yourself.

How do I get baptised?

You need to join a Christian Enquiry Course (St John’s runs these regularly). Then either you can be baptised here at St John’s or – should you wish to be confirmed as well – you would be baptised and confirmed by a Bishop at the same service.

Is there an age guideline for adult baptism?

We would consider someone of 8 + old enough to understand the basics of the Christian faith, with the appropriate back up in terms of support (it depends, of course, on the child concerned). There is no upper age limit.

What is Confirmation?

The confirmation service is like the second half of the baptism service; it completes the process. Sometimes those halves are separated by decades (if, say, you were baptised as a baby and confirmed in your thirties). Sometimes the two halves take place in one service, when you are baptised and confirmed in one go. Either way the confirmation promises confirm that you want to follow Jesus Christ as the way, the truth and the life.

How do I get confirmed?

You need to join a Christian Enquiry Course (St. John’s runs these regularly). Then you would be presented to the Bishop as a confirmation candidate at a special Confirmation service.

Is there an age guideline for confirmation?

As St John’s has a policy of admitting young people to Communion, independent of confirmation, we don’t usually encourage people to be confirmed in their early teens. Instead we suggest that you wait until you are 18+.