World Vision

Since 1999, Junior Church has, through monthly subscription to World Vision, sponsored a young person in Bangladesh. The subscriptions helped to provide some of her basic needs and a few ‘luxury’ items for her family and community. Regular reports from World Vision kept us in touch with her progress. The subscriptions were met by a monthly sale of home made cakes and cards, produced with the help of the children.

For more details, contact Eileen Daulman.

There is a change to the content, in May 2012 Binalaxmi left the ADP area to study at another school which has no link with WorldVision, consequently Binalaxmi has now left the sponsorship programme, she has benefited from the improvements World Vision has brought to the community in North Tripura ADP.

In recent years St John’s has sponsored Jarin, Binalxmi, and now Lonica. They have each benefited from the improvements World Vision has brought to their communities.

Welcome to Lonica.

St John’s currently sponsors Lonica Mapembo, a girl from Zambia, date of birth 08.09.2000.

Lonica lives with her parents in Keembe Zambia. She has the opportunity to attend a local school and sponsorship will help her continue to receive an education.

Like children everywhere Lonica loves to play when she has the chance here favourite pastime ins playing ball games. Lonica also has to help out at home where her special job is fetching water.